We collaborate with a wide array of creatives to help you reach your audience in the most exciting way possible. Here's what we offer

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Video production

We will produce, film and edit an awesome music or promo video for you

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Our photographers will capture you and your products in the best light

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Studio rental

The studio at Rocketship HQ offers a unique experience

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Small-scale manufacturing

We can deisgn and manufacture whatever you need using 3D-printing, resin printing and laser engraving

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Equiptment rental

Rent gear for your multimedia projects. We have some cool stuff ;)


Design & development

We will design and build you an awesome website or app

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Content creation

Our copywriters help you compose and improve upon your content

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Event Planning

We create events packed with stunning visual experiences

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Full promo package

Kevin Valentine at Rocketship HQ

Kevin's DJ set we reacorded at the Warehome


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