The Rocketship

Who we are & what we do

The Rocketship is a multimedia company behind an Amsterdam-based artist collective

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Media production

Rocketship media crew conceives, develops, directs and produces a variety of media, from promotional videos to music videos, live streams and animation

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Rocketshipper family at the heart of our organization is a vibrant 1000+ member community active over multiple social networks, groups and chats

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We love to organize bright exciting events to have fun and bring people together

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Small-scale manufacturing

Using cool modern software, tools and machines we design, print, cut and engrave all kinds of items to work and play with

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We create, produce, build, film, organize, paint, craft, sew and occasionally destroy things for fun

Virtual production

Virtual production blends video game technology with filmmaking techniques into the pre-production and production process

Help us fly

Help us fly the Rocketship!

We're constantly looking for artists, creators and volunteers to help us fly the Rocketship. If you're interested in working with us send us a message.

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